duminică, 15 noiembrie 2015


Când omenirea se cutremură, sleită de valul însângerat de evenimente, un om a lăsat în inima Kievului o fereastră deschisă. Vrea ca lumea să-i audă strigătul sufletului său, chemarea unei întregi nații. Un om, care pășește în realitatea crudă a lumii și istoriei contemporane cu demnitate și cu gândul de a opri pentru o clipă RĂUL din jur. Cu gândul la oameni octogenari care și-au donat și ultimul ban pentru ca voluntarii să-și poată lua veste antiglont.

Singurele sale „arme” sunt vorbele fascinante, care ar mișca din loc orice munte.

Am vorbit de curând cu acest om. Mi s-a prezentat simplu – Tetiana Matusevych, lector la Universitatea din Kiev. Mi-a trimis fără ezitare mesajul ei către umanitate. Dorința acută de liniște, atunci când lași în Ucraina o fereastră deschisă.
Citiți cu mare atenție un text înfiorător de real, un text din inima unei țări măcinate de conflicte.

Lăsați-vă lacrimile să curgă șiroaie… Aceasta este realitatea zilelor noastre. Aici… Acolo… Dincolo…


Să nu uităm un lucru: să lăsăm măcar o fereastră deschisă din casa sufletului nostru. Și încă ceva: să redevenim ALTFEL de oameni!

Prefer să las textul original, plin de note personale, plin de trăiri exprimate într-o manieră excepțională…Metaforele vieții ei, din inima Kievului…


” In my opinion, that in critical time for the state and the global order a Person has only two options of interaction with surrounding reality. The third option is available only to something not allocated with anthropological essence. God, the Absolute, Time, History may be this something or someone … The Person can either participate in the events directly creating cool turns of history, or view the events, as if „through a window”.

In the very beginning the view „through the window” seems more attractive. First, this „window”, as a rule, is above the events, and therefore an observer always has an opportunity to estimate alignment of forces, to orient in a situation, to draw conclusions. Second, you can always close the „window”: to switch off the TV, to slam the laptop, to leave your country. On the other hand, an obvious disadvantage is that staying „behind the window” you can only see the events. You will never experience them, learn their smell, taste or hear any sound. Yes, such feelings penetrating into your essence forever will not disturb you at night. But, the events that have changed the world, the future of your children and grandsons may remain for you only „the picture from the TV. „

And, the most important, safety, objectivity and dispassionateness of view „through the window” are only fiction. A second ago, the apparent strong glass, in a moment may be broken with a stone thrown from a crowd. That’s all. The mask of detached reflexivity and indicative neutrality is thrown off, and you are participant though involuntary involved. You can hear disturbing sounds, all over you can feel danger, and, the most important is you must choose: Who are you? Whom do you stick to? Where are you going? The choice you have been trying to distance yourself so long time is now very vital for you.

For everyone this stone which forever broke „window” – is own. As well as our own cross we are bearing …

Someone, – young, healthy and well-off, – is struck with the history of the eighty-year-old woman who gave all her savings to volunteers to purchase of bullet-proof vests.

Someone got the „stone” from his own child seriously reflecting that it is even better when the whole family is killed with an explosion. So, all of them get on the sky at the same time and live happily there. When only one close person dies, other family members are doomed to eternal suffering … As the „stone” in the head rushes the question: Have you thought at such age how is it better to be killed?

For someone the schoolmate’s funeral became such „stone”. Even yesterday you were equal: made plans for the future, quietly „drifting the stream”, simply „lived”. Today he is a Hero. He already made the choice, thereby having presented you precious TIME. Time for reflections, time for YOUR CHOICE. Thousands of people, and one thousand more came to his funeral while the coffin with his body covered with the yellow-blue flag is carried by in city streets, are kneeling, having veiled their heads. „Heroes never die!” …

But you still doubted, still observed „protected” by windows glass. While you were thinking, someone made the decision quickly, almost instantly and decided to help you. He believed in you! In that you can do a lot! It was he there, in crowd whom you watched trough „window”. It was he who threw a stone into your „window”. It was he who destroyed your artificially created quiet world, having made out your perplexed face behind the „window”.

In time you will be grateful to this stranger. You will understand that in this difficult situation you were really lucky. In this case you had to make, though difficult, but the CHOICE. And the choice is a necessary condition of FREEDOM, its existence. In other case when in your „window” would hit not the stone thrown from crowd, but the shell from precision weapon, you couldn’t have even the CHOICE (the forerunner though unexpected, but deserved FREEDOM), you would have even no OPPORTUNITY to ask yourself a question: „Could I change something?”

Tetiana Matusevych


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